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Dining Room Boxwood Villa



Historic Elegance Meets Modern Chic

Boxwood Villa maintains a beautiful balance between old-world, historic charm and modern elegant flair. This gorgeous manor home has been designed with comfort in mind while also celebrating the exquisite architecture of the late 1800s. Each room is spacious with high ceilings and multiple windows, which allow natural light to pour in giving guests a sense of being embraced by the natural beauty of this special property. The living room and library have plenty of seating for intimate social gatherings while the two separated dining rooms collectively seat up to 18 guests making it a perfect place to host small dinner parties. There are a total of 5 spacious bedrooms suites allowing for a total of ten guests to sleep comfortably. The expansive 3rd floor is entirely open making it ideal for bridal parties getting ready for ceremonies as well as yoga and wellness retreats. Complete with a roll-out television for video viewing and presentations, the 3rd floor revolutionizes Boxwood Villa’s versatility and offerings to guests. 


Living Spaces...

The kitchen, two dining rooms, living. room, library, entrance hallway and third floor recreation room provide ample space for guests to commune together or separate to find privacy. The extra wide front porch is also an excellent spot to relax or convene anytime of the day.